Electronic Cigarettes

Beginners Guide to Electronic Cigarettes (Vape)

Beginners Guide to Electronic Cigarettes

According to research, every cigarette cost fourteen minutes of the smoker’s life. Quitting smoking is the only way to eliminate the risk of premature death. However, it a tough nut to crack for smokers. In fact, nicotine found in cigarettes is a highly addictive drug that requires a rock-solid determination to quit it. Now, that where plan B or Electronic cigarettes enter the picture. The research says that vaping wouldn’t only help in quitting smoking, but it is also way less harmful than cigarettes leading the smoker to live longer.

Nowadays, Vaping is rapidly getting popular, especially among smokers. You may find them discussing vaping stuff like refills, batteries, electronic cigarettes, etc. If you are wondering about it or want to try it for the first time, then you are at the right place. This Beginners Guide to Electronic Cigarettes will make you familiar with all the aspects of it. Now, this includes not just a basic introduction but reviews, tutorials, and all things that you must know before using it. So, let’s get it started without wasting any freaking time.

What does the Vaping mean?

Vaping a new term that got popular just a couple of years ago. In fact, people would become clueless, if you have used it in your conversation. On the contrary, most of the people, especially smokers are aware of it today. However, many of the non-users are still unaware of its terms like cloud chasing, entails.

Well, the world of electronic cigarettes has many codes used to denote many things in the small community of vapers. Some of them are BCC, VV, BDC, VW, etc. Watching all this for the first time can be shocking, surprising and even disturbing for some. However, things will become simple once you vape for a couple of times.

It is the process of using a device that sizes a marker pen for vaporizing an e-liquid. The motto of vaporizing is to get the nicotine, flavor and create smoke which smokers love. Its specialty is one can vape according to requirement and tastes. Perhaps, now you have a bright idea of Vaping. Let’s head to the necessary information about the additional tools.

  • Electronic Cigarette

    It is a device that releases vapor inhaled by the user by vaporizing e-liquid. The three main components of it are atomizer head, battery, and tank. There are many variants of it available in the market. However, they all have the same working or mechanism. Some of its main parts and their brief details are as follows.

  • Battery

    The battery is a part of all electronic cigarettes. There are various sizes and capacities of them. Usually, most of them have rechargeable while there are some with a disposable battery as well.

  • Atomizer Base

    Connecting the tank to the battery is its primary function. Besides, it also seals the atomizer.

  • Atomizer Head

    The function of this part of electronic cigarettes is vaporizing or heating the e-liquid.

  • Tank & Mouthpiece

    There are many variants of tanks. They come different shapes and sizes. Besides, the only use of it is, to store the e-liquid.

Introduction To The Additional Tools

There are five tools involved in it that you need to know. They are battery, charger, an atomizer head, e-liquid, and e-liquid storing device. You have to gather all these as an essential preparation for vaping.

  • E-liquid introduction

    E-liquid is the liquid stored in the tank that primary after getting heated in electronic cigarettes. They come in multiple flavors like fruits, drinks, tobacco, spices, and food items. Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycol are the main constituents of E-liquid.

  • Vegetable Glycol

    As the name suggests, VG comes from Vegetable oil and is an entirely natural chemical. It adds thickness and sweet taste in the vapor. As compared to the PG, VG provides a lot smoother throat hit. Now, this makes it an ideal constituent of sub-ohm vaping.

  • Propylene glycol

    Unlike VG, PG is a thinner constituent. This petroleum product is odorless, tasteless, and colorless. It offers throat-hit similar to the smokes of the tobacco cigarette. Nonetheless, its primary function is to provide a sensation similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette.

Working or mechanism of electronic cigarettes

One can say that the functioning of e-cigarettes revolves around vaporizing e-liquid using the battery power. Some of the main parts of it are a cartridge (tank), mouthpiece, battery, atomizer, LED light, and a microprocessor. The atomizer is nothing but a small heating element that vaporizes the e-liquid. The wicking material which pulls the e-liquid into the coil also gets evaporated by it. One has to activate the pressure sensor. One can do it via pushing the button. Some variations let you enable it via inhaling the heating element. It initiates the atomization or heating process of the e-liquid solution.

Afterwards, the temperature of the e-liquid reaches between 100-250 °C inside the e-cigarettes. Due to the heating process, the chamber creates an aerosolized vapor. Finally, the user gets the aerosol to inhale. It is utterly different from cigarette smoke. However, the user gets the flavor and sensations similar to smoking the traditional cigarette. In Cigalikes, the atomizer is the cartomizer comprising of an inbuilt coil. One has to dispose of the pre-filled cartomizer after the finishing of the e-liquid.

Types of E-cigarettes

There are three types of electronic cigarettes available in the market. They are as follows:

  • Cigalikes who looks very similar to cigarettes in shape and size. However, it may change. They are the first generation of it. One can consider it as a starter pack.
  • eGos that are usually larger than cig-a-likes. Besides, they also feature refillable liquid tanks. Some of them look similar to tobacco cigarettes. They are the second generation of electronic cigarettes.
  • The modified version of eGos or cig-a-likes for adding extra features are known as Mods. They are the third generation of e-cigs equipped with mechanical mods and variable voltage devices.
  • Apart from these three, many new types of e-cigs are invading the market. We can refer them as the fourth generation. Some of them have features like Sub ohm tanks and temperatures control devices. In all types of e-cigarettes, the main component of an e-cigarette is the battery. Most of them use the rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Some Pleasant Facts About Electronic Cigarettes

  • According to research, the chances of smokers to die before the age of 65 are twice than a vaper. It is the reason why many smokers are switching to e-cig as an alternative these days.
  • According to a study by the UK government, there are around 5300 ingredients in traditional cigarettes. They are toxic as well as carcinogenic. There are carcinogens in e-cigarettes as well. Still, they are 95 percent less harmful than tobacco cigarettes according to another study performed by the UK government.
  • In the year 2015, The Royal College of Physicians of London promoted the use of e-cigs or vaping. Now, this has turned the attitude of people to be more liberal towards vaping in England.
  • According to a data of 2016 of 24 people for two years, vaping had an almost negligible effect on the human body. However, it also states a slight irritation on throat, mouth or nose.
  • A literature review by The University of Victoria’s Centre for Addictions Research of BC (CARBC) published in January 2017 heavily favors vaping over smoking. Its main point is vapors don’t have the presence of carbon monoxide, tar and other toxins like tobacco smokes
  • According to ECLAT study, there are some benefits of vaping. They are regulation in blood pressure, heart rate, the functioning of lungs, and even weight control.
  • Unlike traditional cigarettes, you can reuse e-cigs. You don’t have to buy them again and again. Just recharge or refill them and you are all set to reuse them.
  • Unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-cigs won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The starter vaping kit will cost less than ordinary cigarettes if you smoke heavily. The reason behind it is you can reuse e-cigs.

Some Bitter Facts About E-Cig

  • No tobacco leaves get burnt, but vaping is usually not nicotine free. There is a presence of nicotine in most of the e-liquid. However, you can choose an e-liquid free from Nicotine.
  • Vaping can be toxic as well due to the presence of liquid nicotine. Besides, some e-cigarettes models may also release toxins, carcinogens, and harmful metals like tin.
  • Undoubtedly, the market of these cigarettes may have extended significantly. However, quality is still far from users. Often the listed nicotine amount doesn’t match the real amount. Even the FDA testing finds similar fact as well.
  • It is wrong to believe that the use of e-cigarettes would eliminate the risk of lungs cancer. Unquestionably, they are safer than tobacco cigarettes. However, extreme use of vaping devices makes you prone to lung cancer. It can cause inflammation of the lungs or even damage it severely.
  • Vaping produces second-hand vapor just like tobacco smoking. It contains nicotine because of the use of nicotine-mixed flavors in the e-liquid. It is also harmful to lungs. However, the secondhand aerosol isn’t as bad as tobacco smoke due to the absence of toxins.

Types of Vape Refills

There are various types of refills used in e-cigarettes. Some of them are as follows:

  • Blank Cartridge: As the name suggests, these are empty cartridges. One has to fill it with e-juice.
  • Filled Cartridge: As the name suggests, they come as an already filled cartridge. You just have to put it directly in your electronic cigarette. Usually, one cannot refill them for reuse. Moreover, you will violate the warranty if you try to do so. Formerly, they come with a different atomizer. One has to install it to the electronic cigarette. However, you will barely find these cartridges in the market nowadays.
  • Cartomizer: It features an inbuilt atomizer. One can refill it for reuse.
  • Clearomiser: As the name suggests, it allows you to see the amount of juice left.
  • Tank: One can call it a big Clearomizer. It also lets you check the remaining amount of e-liquid. As it stores a significant amount of e-liquid, so, it keeps away from refilling process for a long time.

Tutorials For Refilling Cartridges, Cartomizer, And Tanks

Got a new Vape kit? Wondering how to refill it? Worry not because now, I will be sharing tutorials to refill your electronic cigarette. It isn’t easy to refill the regular electronic cigarette. You have to keep in mind not to over-saturate it while saturating the material inside the cartridge. The condition of oversaturating is also known as flooding. Besides, you must thoroughly soak the filler. Without saturating, the hot atomiser may contact the dry spots. It will release a burning sensation which will inevitably destroy your mood. Before starting the refilling process, you should ensure that the cartridges support refilling. You may lose warranty if they don’t.

Via Dripping Method

Perhaps, the most comfortable way to fill up these cartridges is via dripping the e-liquid from the container into the material. When the Cartridge gets filled, then leave it for a few minutes. It will settle down the e-liquid into it. Afterwards, you will see some left space in it. Hence, repeat the same process for a couple of times till it gets saturated completely. Undoubtedly, it is a time-killing process. Still, many vapers apply this method. They believe that this way will deliver the best and purer taste.

Via Syringe Or E-Liquid Bottle

The most popular method of refilling the cartridges is through a syringe or e-liquid bottle. The narrow tip of both these things allows filling the Cartridges without any losses. At first, you have to inject the needle or tip between the metal side of the cartridge. Now, push the needle or tip up to their limit. Afterwards, you have to syringe or squeeze the bottle deliberately. Besides, you have to concurrently back off the bottle or needle as well. It will ensure that the cartridge doesn’t have any dry spot. This method may require some practice to attain perfection.

Refilling A Tank

It is comparatively easier to refill the tank as the manufacturer has made it for this purpose. One has to apply a different method for refilling different variation of tanks. Usually, you can refill them by opening the Tank, tilting it a bit, and pouring a liquid into it. Finally, repacking them in the electronic cigarettes.

Things to keep in mind

Usually, you have to keep two things in mind while refilling a tank.

  • You should let the e-liquid to go down the tube in the center. The center acts as a chamber for airflow. Blocking it with liquid would degrade the performance of electronic cigarette.
  • You should not overfill the tank. There is a top marking in it. Make sure to fill below that measurement. Overloading will lead the liquid to go down in the center hub.

Minor Diagnostics And Fixes

Like other gadgets, you may face issues regarding your electronic cigarette. Usually, they are battery issues, flooding, and burnt coil. If you are facing them, then the following tutorials will help you out.

Battery not working

Usually, the battery issues arise due to unclean or jammed terminals. Hence, you should clean the battery terminals regularly. For this, you may use a cotton bud or alcohol swab. However, you should strictly avoid using water.

Besides, the battery wouldn’t work if the ego buttons are also not making contact with the Clearomizer. You may use a pair of tweezers which will allow the terminal to contact the battery.


If you have overfilled the tank or cartridges, then it may lead to flooding. Additionally, it may happen in the prefilled cartridges. You can diagnose it by signs like a gurgling sound, poor vapor production, and unpleasant flavor of the vapor.

You may fix it by taking out the Clearomiser and brushing it gently for few times. Besides, waiting for the atomiser to drain can also set it. Moreover, you can manually clean it using a tissue paper or cotton buds. You have to take out the Cartridges for it.

Fixing burnt out coils

The lighter version of atomisers may burn out after using it for few times. Some of the signs are the release of no vapor or getting a burnt flavor in the smoke. You can only fix it via replacing the cartridge or Clearomiser head. Usually, the warranty covers them. So, you can approach to the retailer, and he may do the replacement.

You can avoid the burn-out by following few steps.

  • Turn off e-cigs when not in use or before putting it in your pocket.
  • You should not use Clearomiser right after refilling it. In fact, you should leave it for at least five minutes after refilling.
  • If you are using the atomiser or Clearomiser for the first time, then you should first drip some drops of e-liquid into the wick.

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